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  1. Is there any way to get ahold of the soundtrack from the original Apple Jack?
    I loved this game,even though I never finished it, the music is one of the most peaceful and calming soundtracks I have ever heard. I am just hoping that there is some way to obtain the songs from the first game you created!
    Thanks for listening and thanks for an amazing experience!

  2. Hello,

    We all are waiting for you release the games on steam, you have been greenlighted ! Can you give us some news, one year ago nothing appeared. You never connected to steam all this time 😦

    • Hello Jean,

      Very sorry for the long delay in getting the games on Steam. Various things have come along and taken my attention away from getting it done, plus one or two technical difficulties have also made it more difficult that I expected it to be.

      I’m currently hoping to get it on the service by Christmas, so please be (even more) patient!


      Tim Sycamore
      My Owl

  3. Humble Store? Itch.io? GOG?

    Any of those others an option?

    Got an Xbox 360 I need to recycle, and can’t cause I have no other way of playing these games.

  4. Hello,

    I just wanted to thank you for 2 of the best games I played on Xbox 360, having tonight finished the fantastic Apple Jack 2! The first I powered my way through as one of the first Xbox 360 games I got back in what must have been 2010, and 7 years later, trying to cull my backlog now I’m on the Xbox One, I can say that both will be fondly remembered alongside some of the bigger titles to have crossed my path.

    I never did understand Indie Gamer Chick’s view on the games (gameplay was smooth, fun, challenging, control was tight, visuals outstanding, music amazing), but pleased to see the demand was there for them to now have been greenlit on Steam!



    • Thanks for the nice comments, Aydan! As a console gamer myself (I never got in the habit of playing games on a PC) it’s nice to think that people are still playing and enjoying the 360 versions of the games.

  5. So we had to get a replacement Xbox 360 and now we cannot redownload Applejack 1 & 2! Is there anything we can do to continue to play? Is it available anywhere?

  6. Hi,

    I loved playing this game on the Xbox 360 a few years ago and it popped in my head recently. Thought the gameplay was really polished and the soundtrack is awesome.

    Just wanted to say I appreciate your work on a brilliant game!

    Noticed it’s now on Steam so I’ll be sure to pick it up.

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