Apple Jack (Xbox 360)

Released in 2010 on Xbox Indie Games, Apple Jack is the story of a little man with an apple for a head and his quest to rescue his beloved pet dog. His epic journey takes him westward across the UK, from his home in Suffolk to the top of mount Snowdon in Wales.


100 levels of platform/puzzle action await, plus an army of evil pandas, washing machines, owls and astronauts, to name just some of the enemies which must be picked up and hurled at each other in order to clear each level and proceed to the next.

Buy it here or via the Xbox Indie games section on your Xbox 360.


What the press said about Apple Jack:

“Blends platforming and puzzling in such an effortlessly brilliant way, you’d happily pay ten times the asking price” – Official Xbox Magazine 5/5.

“What better way to spend your last 64 pence?” – Eurogamer 9/10.

“A fist-sized diamond in a surfeit of rough” – Edge 8/10.

“This game is a no-brainer for 2D-platforming fans.” – Armless Octopus

Apple Jack is the best game currently available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.” – Xboxindies



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